Leftovers construction

Magda just made me noticed that I haven’t blog in 6 days! Wow, am I loosing the possibility to make a fantastic career, as a professional blogger? Well I was a bit too busy trying to party a bit with Lara and trying to deny the evidence that I might have found my other half of the apple, but I am not ready to eat it!

See that’s my biggest issue and major concern of the day, now the fact that I basically have to re-write the main chapter of my thesis again, doesn’t worry me at all. So I am wondering, I know I promised,few posts ago, that I was not going to wonder anymore, but I can’t help it sometimes, if me being secretly happy about receiving my other apple texts is due to my chronicle desire for attentions and boredom cause the only thing I have been doing for the whole day is writing  “the changing role of travel agent, bla bla bla” or I actually like him a bit more than I should ,tonight? (Pitbull, 2009 cited by Pietrykowska, 2012; confiremed by Josh & Ryan, 2012 Istanbul).

Well that’s something we will find out soon enough, by the way to avoid confusion the guy is not the Monk, who by the way is meditating on how hummus should be made and how possibly eating 10 eggs a day and 1 piece of bread might make him a bit smarter! This is the guy who invited me for cans at trinity college, the professional waster!

Last news I, got a job in a pub down the road in Stoneybatter…really like it so far!  Ok so tonight I was too busy finishing the thesis and reflecting upon life that I forgot we finish all the carbs and had an hard time thinking about what to make for dinner! Eventually I came up with this construction ;-)  Btw as you will see from the recipe this is made from leftovers of different recipes! The pic is quite crap too, wasn’t my day today!

Shopping Lists
Lentil Layer
100 gr. of red lentils
100 gr. of passata
50 gr. of bread crumbs
2 carrots
10 sundried tomatoes
Sundried tomato oil

Spinach Layer
200 gr. of spinach
1 medium onion
1 clove of garlic
50 gr. of gouda
Olive oil

Polenta Layer
100 gr. of instant polenta
50 gr. of parmesan
25 gr. of butter
Dry Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Basil

For everything
Salt and pepper t.t.
Extra cheese

Lets’ get on with this
  1. First boil the lentils with water and passata, adding salt or seasoning
  2. Meanwhile slightly fry the onion and the garlic and add the frozen spinach and cook until tender (once again don’t forget the salt or seasoning) then add some parmesan
  3. Cook the instant polenta, I think now you should know how to cook it, if not just check my older posts, I will let you guess which ;-) 
  4. Now the lentils should be ready, so just throw them into the blender add the bread crumbs, the sundried tomatoes and the sundried tomatoes oil
  5. Now that all the layers are ready juts make your favorite construction, (I made it into a large ramekin and then as you can see from the pic I just turn it) start and end as you want, just separate the polenta from the lentils paste
  6. Add some cheese and microwaved-it for a little while or oven-it if you wish to do so that it would be super warm and the cheese bubbly and just amazing

Enjoy what is not to like in there after all?

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