Chocolate rollies

Yesterday I was too tired I kind of pass out before writing! Yesterday was such a busy day, not college stuff have been done, of course! The weather is absolutely amazing, almost got sunburn, today I am gonna have a picnic in the park. Also yesterday my dear friend from Germany came to visit me, we haven’t seen each other for like 4 years, which is scary when you think about it! But is like time did not pass at all! Funny enough at the dinner table last night she also agreed that she does not want have a career! And she is a smart kid doing a master in physics! Now I am wondering if all my generation is like this, or I am unconsciously hanging out with lots of Indigo Kids?

Anyway last night I defrosted the pizza I made few weeks ago and I also cooked a pizza bought in a shop. All my friends agreed that mine was better! I don’t want people to think that I am thinking I am like 4 star Michelin chef, very far from being actually, I am just reporting what my friends say! I have nice friends can you tell?

Now since I have published the pizza recipe already, here is what I made for desert, inspiration I got from one of the food blog I am following http://fromourhometoyours.blogspot.com/2012/03/charutos-de-nutella.html?spref=bl.

The original recipe had Nutella, I unfortunately cannot buy a jar of Nutella otherwise I will eat it within few minutes,  so I had to make my own filling!

Shopping list
5 sheet of phyllo pastry
150 gr. hazelnut  (if you can buy the one without the skin or if you want to roast them please do they will taste amazing)
3 tablespoon of cocoa powder
2 tablespoon of brown sugar (or 1 tablespoon of agave nectar)
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or  30 gr. of unsalted butter

Remeber that you can put more oil and more butter if you like 

Let’s get on with this
  1. Place the crushed hazelnut, cocoa , sugar and the oil, in the blender and blend till you get a sort of paste 
  2. Place the 5 sheet of philo pastry on top of each other (I am sure that if you 'bless' the sheest with a bit of melted butter you will get a smoother result) place the hazelnut paste in the middle and roll it
  3. Now in the  oven for 20 minutes 180 ° until the pastry is brownish

Cut and enjoy while  listening  to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZJhy7NsQqw&feature=fvst

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