Split Burgers

You know that you are bored out of your mind; at least I do, when you refresh FB more than 10 times in one minute, hoping that you will see something new, and you actually know all the feeds off by heart! Then if you go ‘shopping’ on THE website, and no more meat for cat there either! And what’s the worst I have already cooked dinner, eat dessert and made banana ice-cream for tomorrow, what is left to do? Well obviously I could finish my thesis, but no a chance I can do that after 3 o’clock, today I actually started at 9 and finished at 10.30! Sure I still have 20 days left! No rush! I only feel sorry for my supervisor that has to read my enormous bullshits!

Today I got invited for some beers at trinity, but decline the invite and went skating, although I think I might join him one of this days…I need to make friend with like minded people, hence professional wasters!

So today for dinner we had this lovely red lentils and chickpeas burgers filled up with cheese ;)

Shopping lists
200 gr. of red lentils
150 gr. of chick peas
100 gr. of bread crumbs
100 gr. of white cheddar
 2 carrots
1 onion
1 tablespoon of tomato paste
1 teaspoon of universal seasoning or 1 stock cube 

(I use a something, I like to call happy chef http://kucharek.pl/products/ you can find it in tesco polish session costs obout 90 cents and is great for season  everything)

Let’s get on with this
  1. Boil the lentils with the chickpeas the carrots the onion , of course the lentils will be ready before the chickpeas and will become a mash, but that’s exactly what  you need, don’t forget the seasoning (I generally put the chickpeas in boiling water for a couple of hours and then I boil them, but you can cook them as you like)
  2. It then blend the whole lot in my liquidizer  (the worst purchase ever, if you are not poor student please buy a proper blender so you can make frozen margaritas at least!) and I added the bread crumbs
  3. If you don’t get the right consistency (should not stick too much to your hands) just add some more bread crumbs
  4. Make some round patties and filled them with a small cube of cheddar cheese
  5. Cooking time, now if you are not an oil/fat freak like me, the slightly fry the burger until golden. I used the George Forman grill, you know, to drain away all the fats ;-)


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