Mint Couscous

Few days ago I woke up in a terrible mood, after a joyful week, after all at my age I should be able to face the consequences of my actions, but sometimes I lose the point! True is that my decision made someone very happy, so after all wasn’t such a bad idea, although it is for me every second day but that’s my problem! But being an adult I should know how to handle problems. So I came to the decision, to change something in my life, but since I can leave the country yet, I asked my dear friends if they would like to move! As we are very proactive people, within one day we found a new house, and within the second day we had already signed the contract! Now the problem, there is always one, is to find someone for our old house! But hopefully is all going to work out! I am already planning the menu for the house warming party! Now while having my amazing chocolate frozen yogurt for breakfast and trying to actually get my ass out, and cycle 7km to get the gym! Once again who does choose to go a gym that far?? Me of course, the crazy one!

Coming back to the point, I am thinking what to cook for lunch and I’ve just remembered that for my birthday party I made this quick and easy mint flavored couscous. Sorted! is very easy and fast as I need something quick when I am back from the gym as I will be capable of eating any leaving or not creature :-p For the original recipe I used a variety of mint called Mentha Cervina or Hart’s Pennyroyal, as we grow it in the garden back home, and the leaves are very fragrant, but don’t worry regular mint works as good!

My song Today  is She lost Control From Joy Division, cause I feel like I definitely lost control

Shopping list
250 g of couscous
270 ml of water approximately
200 g of peppers (any colors will do)
100 g of black olives
50 g of chili pepper
70 g of sundried or semi sundried tomatoes
70 g of raisin
50 g of pine nuts

For the dressing
20 fresh mint leaves
45 ml of extra virgin olive oil
30 ml of lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper t.t

Let’s get on with this

  1. Bring the water to boil then add a table spoon of salt and add the couscous , stir well and take it of from the heat and leave it rest for about two minutes
  2. In a separate bowl mix the oil, lemon juice, salt and finely chopped mint until you get a cloudy color dressing, also if you have a hand mixer you can used to get a better result
  3. Then add all the fresh ingredients to the couscous and pour over the dressing and stir well

Ready to serve and to eat of course! Hope you enjoy it, my friends at the party did, and I will too if I will ever manage to leave the house!!

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