Gluten Free Cheese Cake

A day can’t be that bed, if for breakfast you have a lovely Lavazza coffee and an house-made polenta and almond cake! I thought I would feel last night whiskeys but no, I am fresh as a rose, better as a daisy… apparently that’s how you say it in English, well I only found out few weeks ago, after six years! Yesterday I went to Bray to see my friend Alessandra…as was a very cloudy day I decided to cycle up to then take the dart back, but Alessandra is a bad influence so instead of a coffee we had a few glasses of red wine, which made me have the even greatest idea to cycle back to Dublin, even though the sky when I left was pitch-black. The possibility of getting completely trenched and the fact that my bike breaks aren’t the best on rainy days did not put me off at all. I let you imagine why, after all I was listening to Bob Marley so in my mind I was on beach in Jamaica! Well in the end I made it back to Dublin safe and sound, on time to deliver this cake over to my Annie’s friends! So here is my gluten free cheese cake, maybe avoid pressing for hours the base so that it sticks to the bottom of the baking tray!

Shopping List
For the base
450 g of dates
100 g of chopped mixed nuts
50 g of Demera sugar

For the middle
200 g of extra light Philadelphia
200 g of full fat Philadelphia
150 g of ricotta
100 g of sugar
5 ml of vanilla extract
2 eggs

For the top
200 g of frozen forest fruit
25 ml of Havana Club Dark Rum
25 ml of water
50 g of 70% dark chocolate

Let’s get on with this
  1. If you have a decent food processor place the dates and the nuts and the sugar inside and blend until you get a sticky paste, I did all with my hand, easy enough as dates are very sticky
  2. Then place the paste in a buttered baking tray and work it gently with your hand (not like I did)
  3. In a bowl beat the eggs white and in a separate bowl the sugar with the egg yolks then add the two together and add the cheeses and the vanilla extract
  4. Pour the tasty bits over the base and place it in a preheated oven and cook for 20 minutes at 180°
  5. In the meantime, use your blender to blend the frozen fruit and the sugar and the rum, btw this can be a nice cocktail too
  6. Melt the chocolate a bain marie
  7. When the cake is ready let it chill for about an hour at room temperature, then pour over the frozen fruit mix and then if you are good at decorating cakes ad a melted chocolate in a proper way, I am a big mess so the result as you can see isn't that great
  8. Let the cake chill in the fridge for at least few hours before serving

Pictures aren't great but the cake tasted....Goooood

Tune Today 

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