London Style Dinner

Another funny day! Yesterday Magda I had a spontaneous picnic on the animal benches on Smithfiled Plaza. The original plan was to go to the food market in temple bar, but was too late so we went to Fresh and bought olives, a baguette and hummus and priceless moment! Today we decided to go for a cycle around the “fancy canal” (Dublin South Side) and ended up buying our amazing dinner ingredients on the way! Halloumi cheese and wraps on south circular road, sundried tomatoes on Thomas Street, where Magda dropped my bike directly on my legs. Then we went down passed by the Plaza, cause I thought my crazy man was still partying in his friend flat, but it was surprisingly having few Sundays Guinness in his local. Last stop our Tesco in Phisborough for an aubergine and caramelized onion hummus (too lazy today to make our own)! So what did we make, Halloumi cheese wrap, a meal we used to have when we were leaving in “Abbey Road” in London!! Ah London days the park in front of the Hawley Arms, Camden Head, getting lock-in in the Crown and Goose, getting one pint of cider at The Southampton arms and struggling to walk down to Heroes! The park on Sunday, watching the guys playing football, Snog…too many things!So here is our London Style Dinner, lazy and easy after all London is a busy city, but super tasty!

Shopping Lists
100 gr. of aubergine
150 gr. of courgette
150 gr. of Halloumi cheese
1 red onion
2 fresh tomatoes
5 sundried tomatoes
1 teaspoon of chilli pepper
2 thin Lebanese wrap or any wrap
Hummus (I don't quantify hummus as much as you like it)
Oregano and Parsley
Salt and Pepper t.t

Let’s get on with this
  1. Cut the vegetables, then grill them or cooked them in the pan, like I did with olive oil, chilli pepper, herbs, salt and peppers
  2. Grill the halloumi or cook it in the pan for 3 minutes until golden
  3. Spread the hummous on the wrap
  4. Add the vegetable and the halloumi then wrap it all up and on the grill again for few minutes

Voila…OMG halloumi just taste great! Add falafel if you whish…that would make this wrap even better!

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