Stolen Stew

This week-end I did not cook much, was too busy avoiding college work and drinking! The weather was so nice that was kind of calling for it! Anyway this week-end has been full of realizations, once again! I figured out what I don’t want to do and have in the future, and I also understood that the best way to leave a happy life is to go with the flow and stop wonder about everything! Why here, why there, maybe here, maybe there! So after Friday night I ban from my daily dictionary the maybe! I keep the why, but only when is healthy curiosity! Yesterday also I came up with a couple of good lines, I might be the only one to appreciated them, but well I am going to share them one is
He is actively seeking for a relationship, I am looking for many! referred to a guy I met off this internet dating thingy…quite cool by the way, plenty of weirdos but some good stuff too ;) . also said to Magda that, when we were interrailing we were on a pastry cruise (eating burek everyday) , now we are on a apple finding cruise! I let you imagine!

Anyway yesterday I  went to the flea market 
(https://www.facebook.com/dublin.fleas?ref=ts) to sell some stuff and came back with basically the same amount of clothes but maybe ( no more maybe, I am indeed very forgetful) next time I will be luckier. While there, I spent all I “earned” in food and had a look around and kind of got inspired by a vegetarian greek stew with plums! I changed it a bit and here it is!

Shopping list
2 leeks
4 medium carrots
5 medium  potatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 medium onion
4 sticks of celery
20 green olives
20 dried plums
20 small mushrooms
1 vegetable stock cubes
500 ml. of passata
Salt t.t

Lets get on with this
  1. This is very easy, just dice all the vegetable  the way you prefer, I cut the potatoes and the carrots in big chunks and then add the mushroom towards the end, but well we leave in a free word (more or less)
  2. Pour some olive oil (1 tablespoon or more) and gently fry the onion and the garlic, then add all the vegetables, the plums and the olive (if you buy the one in oil you can add some of it, I only had the one in brine) and add the passata and the stock cube
  3. Let it cook for about 1 hour more or less (if you are very hungry) remember, the more you cook it the better!)
  4. Towards the end the mushroom, the parsley salt and pepper to taste (I add a teaspoon of chili powder!
Perfect served with cous cous or if your flat mate doesn't finished it, brown rice or barley work well too!

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