Phyllo pastry cheese cake

I really need to control myself a bit more, although I it feels so good at times! Going out with a stranger, that was some stranger I shall say! Coming back home don’t remembering much, I really thought I could handle two bottles of wine better, I am Italian after all, dam “irish” wine J  I wish  I remember something more than making an omelet and waking up my friends because I was somehow very excited , well if you would have seen him you probably would understand! Anyway the most important thing of the day is that I finally realize that I can wait to finish college and do whatever I like to do, obviously nothing to do with marketing or tourism, possibly wasting time efficiently, travelling around the world, cooking, doing a standup comedy show with Magda and Fabrizio, farming…nothing that involved a chair a computer and 9 to 5! Another thing I realize, hopefully all this realizations are not only due to the massive hangover, farmers, plumbers, builders are the future! Ah Magda just remind me about carpenters!
So to celebrate this eventful day  I made a nice dinner, washed off with a nice bottle of wine! So on the menu today we had beetroot soup, In polish a ‘retard’ person is called beetroot, I find this very funny! Then our all time favorite  pizzoccheri and then I decided to try this made a cheese cake with phyllo pastry, and hell was some good dinner!

Shopping Lists
4 sheets of phyllo pastry
400 gr. of light cream cheese
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
5 tablespoon of sugar of 3.5 of agave nectar
200 gr. of frozen forest fruit (left over from the polenta cake)
100 gr. of almond powder
5 ml of vodka
4 tablespoon of milk

Let’s get on with this
1.  Mix the milk with one spoon of sugar
2.  Take each sheet of phyllo pastry and bless it with the milk, just be carful not to wet it too much, place each layer of pastry into a tray, leaving the edge out so that you can just cover it (check the feta cheeese recipe) 
3.  Mix the sugar, cream cheese, vanilla essence and the almond powder
4.  Cook the frozen fruit with sugar and vodka
5.  Add it to the cheese cake mix with the frozen fruit
6.  Place the mixture at the bottom of the pastry and cover it 
7.  Cook for 20 minutes at 180°

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