My first Pizza

Yesterday I finally made my first Pizza! Happy days! Now I can answer yes to the question “Are you Italian, then can you make pizza” Hell yeah!!
I do not want to sound too proud, but food is the only thing I take pride in and when things turn out to be good I can not help to be more than happy and slightly excited!
So before making the pizza I decided to go buy the ingredients all the way down in Walkinstown now I live in Phisborough so is not like we do not have shops around…but I felt like going for a cycle on Long-mile road…Jesus what a choice, I risked my life a couple of time on the way! But that happens everyday...I am the worst cyclist in Dublin, along with my friend Magda of course!

Anyway I came back with my passata, and my flat mate went out and bought more so now we have about 3 liters of passata in the fridge! 
But the truth is that there is always room for passata, at least in the Blue House! 
So I started making the dough and then after an 1h30m  a massiving living ball filled up the container…very cool!! I told you I get over excited about this simple things! Sad life!!
Anyway Here is the recipe!! I know it does not look that nice but belive me it was very very good!!!

Shopping List
1 kg of all Purpose Flour 
50 gr. of fresh yeast (you can find it in the fridge in all Polish shop in Dublin)
20 gr. of salt 
10 gr. of sugar 
600 ml of water
6 tablespoon of olive oil 

Top it up
To be honest whatever you want! 
I used for 5 pizzas
500 ml. of passata
2 medium red onions
250 gr. of fresh mozzarella
300 gr. of fresh cerry tomatoes 
Dried Oregano

Let's Get on with this 
1. Place the yeast in a bowl and power about 2 tablespoons of warm water over it 
2. In another bowl mix few tablespoons water and the sugar
3. In another bowl (I promise is the last one) mix 6 tablespooons of water with the oil and the salt
4. In a very large bowl (this is the last one) place the flour and make a hole and then ad the yest, the sugar, the oil -salt.-water mixture and mix it with your lovely hand and ad the leftover water
5. Work the dough until you get a smooth dough, make a ball and put it back into the large bowl and cover it with a cloth and let it rest in a warm place (I place it underneath of the radiator)
6. After an hour or pizza dough would have doubled in size 
7. Now you can cut it into small balls and work it out with your rolling pin, bottle or whatever and make the shape you want, also you can make it as tick or as thin as you like...I just love pizza!
8. Then add the passata and put the rest of the ingredient on 
9. Wacked in the oven at 200° for about 30 minutes

Buon Appetito!!!

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