Frozen Fruit Icepop

Today, while I should have been doing my thesis, I was thinking about making tasty icepop! Once again the attempt to do some college did not work out that well! Kick off time was at 10 that turn out to be 11 and finish time was 12.30 that turn out to be 12, cause we were so hungry!! So today after a nice lunch we had this lovely Fruit Icepop...so nice and btw very light you can have as many as you want to!!

Shopping Lits 
Fruits anyone you want
Lemon or Orange Juice
5 teaspoons Sugar or Algave Nectar, a good alternative to sugar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agave_nectar)

Let's get on with this 
1. Cut the friuts in small pices
2. Mix sugar with the water and the lemon juice
3. Place the fruits in the Icepop maker 
4. Pour over the water sugar and juice mix
5. Freeze 
6  Wait 
7. Taste

Noice eh??

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