Coconut and Cocoa Icepop

Why life can be as easy as food?! You just need to cook it or make someone do it for you and then eat it and is all done… whereas real life isn’t that easy! In particular if your name if like hobby you like to screw your chances at any given occasion!!! Oh yeah… just listening to no woman no cry ….sure the only thing I have left after tonight is crying how stupid can I be?!??!?! Now having consumed half of a box of cereal and 2 homemade ice cream which I going to give you the recipes…I still haven’t figured out how can I manage all the time to make so that “nothing is going to be alright?!” Well here is the simplest ice cream recipes I took from Chocolate Covered Katie Blog

Shopping List
400 ml of coconut milk
20 gr. of cocoa powder
20 gr. of dark sugar

Let’s get on whit this
  1. Mix all the ingredient
  2. Freeze the mixture
  3. Wait ….long time, too long when the only things you want to do is eat them 

Voilaà...yum yum 

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