Grilled Pimp Tomatoes

I think the St. Patrick week-end has officially started! Just got a text from the French restaurant that they are going to close so bye bye job, is a bit wired but what can you do, Life is Life!? hopefully there are gonna be better times otherwise my dream of going to New Zealand will have to rely completely on winning the lottery! Anyway me and Magda are “celebrating” by drinking a can of Druids the worst cider on the planet probably! But what can you do, good times will come, hopefully! So today for lunch we had this nice chickpeas pancake (for the pancake juts check the cheeky picky lasagna) and grilled tomatoes… nice nice! At least food is making us happy! 

Shopping list
4 large wine tomatoes
4 tablespoon of breadcrumb
1 tablespoon of dry oregano
1 small clove of garlic
50 gr. of mature white cheddar cheese

Let’s get on with this
1.       Mix the breadcrumb with the dry organ
2.       Cut the tomatoes in half and take out the inside
3.       Add some fresh garlic
4.       Add cheese
5.       Add the breadcrumb mix
6.       Put them on the grill (we have a George foreman, some good) and let them grill for 10 minutes until the breadcrumb will be brown and the cheese melted
7.       “bless” them with a drizzle of chilli oil

VoilĂ ! Ready

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