Paddy's Day Omelet

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!!! Just getting ready watching a bit of the parade on TV and then waiting then heading, as Magda just answer when I said ‘ I hope is gonna be a fun day’  - ‘Is Paddy’s day Valentina Craic shall be had! ‘  Wow the parade is amazing I loved the dream machine!!  So here is our today power omelet, and we shall be ready for a Guiness now!

Have the craic where ever you are

Shopping lits
4 eggs
2 medium mushrooms
4 sundried tomatoes
2 shallots
½ Courgette
1 teaspoon of chili powder
1 tablespoon  of soya sauce
100 gr. of  grated white mature cheddar
Salt & Pepper t.t

Let’s get on with this
  1. Sliglty fry the shallots
  2. Add the courgette, the mushroom and sundried tomatoes ad soya sauce and cook until translucent
  3. Mix the egg with the chili powder, salt and pepper and add the grated cheddar cheese
  4. Let it cook for 10 minutes 

Enjoy and straight to the Pub!

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