Gnocchi Time

“Wanna Free phone , Free Internet”...I had to scream this for few hours today in DIT in Aungier street…was nice, but I did not get anyone to sing in for the offer, ah well you cannot have everything can you? But sure I had a laugh!
Now is almost time to go for a pint…! Just to get ready for this St. Patrick week-end! You kind of need to put the basis, if you want to last past 10 o’clock!!  For the last two years I was away so I am looking forward to be in Dublin this St. Patrick! Two years ago I did pass out at 10 so my mission is to get pass that! Today in the Blue House the topic is whether German girls in the October fest gears are hot or not?
My flat mate and our guest obviously agreed me and Magda did not disclose our opinion ;-)
Today I made  gnocchi, now what I wanted to do was to make ravioli made from flour and potatoes and filled in with courgette, pinenuts and onion sauce…but the dough was to wet so I turn them into massive gnocchi! But they were very nice too!

Shopping List
500 gr. potatoes
100 gr. of with flour
1 egg
Salt & Pepper t.t
1 courgette
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
200 gr. of passata sauce

Let’s get on with this
1.      Boil the potatoes until tender
2.      Mash the potatoes, add the flour and the egg and mix with your hand until you get a nice firm but not too dry dough
3.      Meanwhile gently fry and onion and garlic and add the courgette and cook for 5 minutes then add the sauce and cook for another 5 minutes then add the herbs and the pinenuts
4.      Spread some flour on the table or wherever you are going to work the dough and make little or small roll of dough
5.      Cut the roll in to small pieces
6.      Wait for the water to boil add salt and carefully “throw” the gnocchi in
7.      When they will come up they are read
8.      Place them into a plate or a bowl and pour over the sauce of your choice add cheese

And Ready!!!

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