Cold Cheese Cake

So Juicing or fasting...ever try any of those, personally I will cheesing all the way, especially after tonight dinner, which of course was based on cheese from starter to dessert!
But today was not all about cheese! Now me and Magda are looking for a new like minded flat mate, and today an Italian guy came over to check the room. Later on he texted me that he was not taking the room, but he wouldn’t mind to take me out!?! Really what a cheeky chap!  
Also we have a guest in our house so I decided once again to make a three course dinner…actually this is happening quite often now a days! I Just love to eat!
So tonight I made Jamie Camembert and Spinach Pastas and this revised fresh cheesecake J      

Maybe use a better glass and less digestive in the bottom ;-)

Once again it does not look that great but was very very nice!!!

Shopping List
100 gr. of Digestive
200 gr. of light Philadelphia
200 gr. of cooking apples
3 Tablespoon of Agave Nectar
5 gr. of cinnamon

Let’s get on with this
1.     Crush the digestive and mix them with a 2 tablespoon of Ageve syrup
2.       Mix the Philadelphia with a tablespoon of Algave syrup and few drops of vanilla extract
3.       Cook the apple with cinnamon and another table spoon of Algave sirup
4.       Place the crush biscuits at the bottom of the glass
5.       Add the cream cheese mixture
6.       Top it up with warm apple


  1. deliziosa...sembra una cheesecake!!! da provare!!!

  2. Provala e fammi sapere come viene!!:)