Red Cabbage and Apple Soup

Hello, long time don't see ;-) I haven't been much active on the blog side as I am a bit too lazy to write and got no inspiration, but I have tried lots of recipes, mostly soups ... but that's winter for me! So here is this lovely red cabbage soup, it is tasty and what a color!

Shopping list 500 g of red cabbage100 g of potatoes100 g of red onion150 g of cooking apple10 ml of balsamic vinegar100 ml of boiling water5 g of sugar 1 clove of garliccinnamonnutmegsalt & pepper t.t 

Let's get on with this

  1. In a pot put some extra virgin olive oil and lightly fry onion and garlic until translucent than add the other vegetable 
  2. Add the balsamic vinegar, and all the other ingredients add water, cover and cook until the veg will be tender
  3. Blend it and voilà

Yhum enjoy with crispy bread or whatever you like 

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  1. Grande post, devo provare!
    La cucina è anche la mia passione nei tuoi articoli si può anche vedere! Saluti