Stuffed Peppers

Was about time, finishing this stupid degree kind of took me away from my real passion, wasting time efficiently! Now I have no more college I am done forever, well unless I need to go back in Sept to repeat the last 2 exams…but I am not planning on that! So now is summer time, not weather wise of course! Cause here in Dublin summer was at the end of March and that was it! So this is going to be my first summer “all” in Dublin after 3 years and probably the last one for a while or forever so it better be a good one! I have a couple of projects in my mind and festivals and the rest… well, we shall see how it  goes! In the meantime enjoy this!!

Shopping list
400 g of rice (I used the brown one) 
50 g of mint leaves 
200 g of feta cheese
100 g of gouda (for the top)
100 g of cashew nuts
200 g  of courgettes
150 g of aubergines 
200 g of chestnut mushrooms
100 g of red onions
50  g of sundried tomatoes 
1 clove of garlic 
5 tablespoons of tomatoes paste 
Salt & Pepper t.t 
Extra virgin olive oil 

Let’s get on with this 
Preheat the oven to 180C. 
Chop the head of the  peppers of and scoop out the seeds
Put the peppers in one layer on a baking sheet
Boil the rice (add salt )
In a pan slightly fry the onion and the garlic then add the vegetables and the until translucent (season to taste)
Stir in the rice and add the tomatoes paste, the cashew nuts, the sundried tomatoes, the feta cheese and the mint leaves
Stuff the pepper with the rice and drizzle one tablespoon of the oil over the peppers then sprinkle with salt and pepper bake for 20 minutes then add the cheese and leave it in the over for another 10 minutes until the pepper are tender until the cheese is melted 

Eat it while is hot 

Tune of the day : reflect my mood, not the best 


  1. That looks scrumptious!!


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  3. Thanks, indeed they are...and the mint give that little twist and the crunch of the cashewnut very nice you should try them out and let me know! I am sure they will be nice with meat too!