Brussels Cream

Today I was looking at ice-cream maker, I really want to make ice-cream and I would like to avoid have to steering it every 30 minutes for 3 hours! Today once again was  an eventful day. Finally I’ve tried the only burritos place in town that satisfied me, Pablo Picante http://www.pablopicante.ie/! Shortly after, while wondering for something sweet as usual after spicy meal or any meal really,  I found the best frozen yogurt place in the Gorges' Arcade http://www.yogism.ie/. Where I also discover that I have a talent for guessing frozen yogurt weight! At Yogism if you guess the weight of the tube you can get it for free, I said 350 gr. and I was so close, in fact it was 360 gr. of  absolutely amazing chocolate goodness! I also love the way is "self-service"! After such a food-centered day, actually everyday is a food-centered day for me, and an hour of urban rebounding the best fitness exercise of all I came back home and I was starving a massive vegetarian burritos and a frozen yogurt are not enough to fill me up, definitely!

So today for dinner I made this easy but tasty Brussels sprouts soup/cream!

Shopping list
750 gr. of Brussels sprouts
100 gr. of carrots
2 medium size onions
3 celery sticks
1 clove of garlic
2 vegetable stock cube
Chili pepper powder
Salt t.t.

Let’s get on with this
  1. In a sauce pan gently fry onions and garlic then add the sprouts, the celery and the carrots
  2. Pour over some water as much as you like, I use very little cause I like it creamy and add the stock cubes
  3. Let all the veggie boil and then blend them and add chili poweder and salt t.

Easy Light and yummy too, best served with some homemade or tesco made multi seeds bread and of course some slice of smoke cheddar or any type of cheese you like!

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