Kick Start Omelet

So today I decided to change a bit my blog, and not only write about food, but also about my misfortunes, which I find quite funny. I do not how many women are able like me to screw themselves over so easily, I genuinely hope not many! So I susbscribe to an online dating website , for the craic… end after a week I went on my first date! 

Lucly it was not a creep but rather a nice and very good-looking guy! I had a good time, left he text me few minutes after that it would have been nice to see each other again, almost killed myself (I was rather happy and cycling and texting at the same time is a skill I yet have to pick up). But let’s face it , it was too good to be true! So I got slightly pissed on Saturday night and the ex boyfriend of a ex friend of mine and decide to send a OMG text to my friend but accidently text the guy I had been on a date with, the text obviously did say ‘OMG B.L is at the party’. Moreover I only realize about the mistake the day after and result no more text from him and no second date or second base! 

So to kick off such a terrible morning I decided to make myself this kick ass omelet, which always cheers me up!

Shopping list
4 Eggs
200 gr. of mushroom
1 fresh chili
1 cloves of garlic
1/5 of onion
40 gr. of yellow mature cheddar
40 gr. of applewood smoked cheddar
1 teaspoon of soya sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste

Lets get on with it
1.  Light fry onion and garlic and chilli and add
2.  Add the mushroom and a teaspoon of soya sauce and cook until tender
3.  In a bowl mix the eggs, salt and pepper and ad the cheese you had previously  grated
4.  Pour the eggs mix over the mushroom and let it cook

Easy, fast yummy omelet is ready...good hangover cure too! 

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