Drunky Mandarins

I made this desert with my mum to put the cherry on the top after a endless Christmas lunch. This recipe is incredibly simple but tasty refreshing and with that little alcoholic kick that is always appreciated, at least in my house ;-)

Shopping List 
6 People
6 Medium size mandarins
2 Medium size white peaches 
4 Tablespoons of sugar 
50 ml of vodka (rum or lemon juice)

Let’s get on with it
1. Cut the top of the mandarin and carefully take off the pulp being really careful not to break the skin (this is the most difficult part of this recipe) 
2. Place the mandarins pieces and the peaches with the sugar in a freezing bag and let it refrigerate for about two or three hours
3. Take them out place them in the mixer and add the vodka
4. Will it blend it? If you have a good blender, not like mine, then you might!
5. Place them in the mandarin’s skin

Ready to refresh your taste buds?

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